Our Program also includes:
Mandarin Chinese Lessons
Shire Gymnastics - Partnership

Kindarama Rooms

** 4 special aged rooms **
0-2 years (Angelfish), 2 year (Starfish), 3-4 years (Jellyfish) & 4-5 years (Rainbowfish)

Kindarama prides itself, that we can offer all families age appropriate rooms & programs for their child.  Making learning comfortable and easy for any age.  Also offering every parent our Childcarers portal, which is excessible from any computer, tablet or smart phone.  Allowing parents to see observations, daily eat/sleep charts, portfolios and daily reflections and much more, at a click of a button.

School Readiness Curriculum
At Kindarama we implement out School Readiness Curriulum for the 3-5 year old child to begin formal preparation for school.  These curriculums are structured in weekly units of enquiry and allows our educators to identify children's individual strengths, needs and goals and be more deliberate in our teaching times to ensure all children who participate in our school readiness program can be as well prepared as possible for school.

Wellbeing Curriculum
Our Wellbeing Curriculum focuses on Health, Physical Exercise, Hygiene and Safety.  This curriculum runs similarly to our school readiness curriculum however it included our personalised Sports Skills Program that runs for 2 terms per year.  The children participate in learning skills from 5 sports across the year and learn to utilise these skills in game situations.  We focus on the main gross motor skills that children will use when joining school aged sports programs at school.
In the alternate terms, the children spend the allocated time focusing on healthy eating, the importance of hygiene and also discussing and learning about keeping safe in all situations.

These curriculums will hopefully guide families during the year to also be working with their child at home on similar topics in the lead up to schoool.  A child who has their family and teachers working collaboratively will benefit greatly and feel more supported in their development and skills.

Madarin Chinese Lessons - in partnership with Chifunese
Facts: Mandarin Chinese is the world's most spoken language (1 in 5 people in the world speak it!) and China is Australia's largest trading partner.  Chinese is the most commonly taught language in NSW primary schools.  Learning Chinese also enhances cognitive abilities because the unique tonal and pictorial language uses both sides of the brain whereas English and most other languages only use the left side!
We provide 30 minute sessions for our 4-5 year old children which includes:
* Fun, multi-sensory learning through interactive games, songs, arts and crafts, stories, role-plays and hands-on activities;
* Clever mnemonics for pronunication and reading that significantly enhance memory and retention;
* Cultural enrichment through Chinese festival celebrations;
* Reinforcement throughout the week through shared resources;
* Professional teachers who are experienced and passionate

Below are brief details of each room
  1. 1
    Angelfish Room
    Our 0-2 year old room strives to provide a safe, secure and supportive environment for babies to belong to and explore whilst they adjust to being in a care environment.
  2. 2
    Starfish Room
    Our 2-3 year old room aims to provide an engaging environment to explore and develop confidence whilst providing a space for children to build their social skills.
  3. 3
    Jellyfish Room
    In our 3-4 year old room we create spaces and opportunities for children to explore and develop their interests whilst learning to follow routines and become independent.
  4. 4
    Rainbow Fish Room
    Our 4-5 year old room is designed to support all areas of children's development and learning during the year before school and guide them through the transition to formal schooling.