Food and Nutrition
Daily Meals are provided for all Children: Morning Tea, Lunch, Dessert & Afternoon Tea (including regular milk)

Kindarama Long Day Care Centre recognises the importance of healthy eating for the growth, development and wellbeing of young children and is committed to promoting and supporting healthy food and drink choices for children in our care.  
Our service is committed to implementing and embedding the healthy eating key messages outlined in the NSW Health’s Munch & Move program into our curriculum and to support the National Healthy Eating Guidelines for Early Childhood Settings outlined in the Get Up & Grow resources.
Further, Kindarama recognises the importance of supporting families in providing healthy food and drink to their children.  It is acknowledged that the ECEC service has an important role in encouraging, supporting and educating families in healthy eating and we will:
* Abide by the current national Infant Feeding Guidelines.
* Offer a variety of nutritious foods to infants from all of the food groups in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines.
* Always supervise infants closely while drinking and eating.
* Ensure appropriate foods (type and texture) are introduced around six months of age including iron rich nutritious foods as infant’s first foods.
* Adjust the texture of foods offered between six and 12 months of age to match the infant’s developmental stage.
* Remain in-line with our service Bottle Preparation and Breastfeeding Policy (procedure):
* Provide a suitable place within the service where mothers can breastfeed their infants or express breastmilk.
* Support mothers to continue breastfeeding until infants are at least 12 months of age while offering appropriate complementary foods from around six months of age.
* Ensure the safe handling of breastmilk and infant formula including transporting, storing, thawing, warming, preparing and bottle feeding.
* In consultation with families, offering cooled pre-boiled water as an additional drink from around six months of age.
* Where breastfeeding is discontinued before 12 months of age, supporting the transition to infant formula.
* Always bottle feed infants by holding the infant in a semi-upright position.
"Kids in the Kitchen"
Children also get to experience cooking experiences regulary at our centre.

Rainbow/Jelly Fish Meal  Areas

Peter Brown
Qualified Cook